Q & A

When should I set up an appointment for a quote?

Once you have your venue, ceremony location and theme is encouraged. These are not crucial when it comes to picking flowers but significantly helps the planning process! Ideally we like to book our events 6-8 months in advance. We typically book 25-30 weddings a year so weekends do fill quickly. If you’re very interested in booking your more than welcome to book sooner.

Tips On Preserving Your Bouquet

If you want to keep your bouquet intact; tie a string to bouquet handle and hang upside down until fully dried out. If flipped back too soon flower heads will bend and wilt rather than staying straight up. A light mist with a strong hold hair spray will give the flowers a gentle hold.

Tips On Pressing Flowers

It’s easiest to press flowers while they are at their freshest. Big flowers like the roses won’t preserve once pressed, pull petals off and press those individually. Then make your design by layering the petals to look like a rose. Sandwich the flower between plain white paper inside a heavy book. It’s really important that the flowers are completely dry before working with them, otherwise they will mold. 🙂